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Shotgun vs Zombies Details

Poster: pzUH  (uploads)    Uploaded: Thu March 14, 2013 at 2:35am    Plays: 48316    Size: 6896.8 kb
Description Objective: Upgrade your gun & kill all zombies... as simple as that...

Game Features:
Upgradeable all-in-one shotgun.
11 cute and adorable zombie types to be blasted on their head.
1 super duper ultimate badass invincible boss.
8 types of Power-ups
Blood, gore, limb, bones, skull, ribs, lungs, brains, and so on...
Maximum explosion!!

   Instructions Controls
Game Controls:
A/D or ARROW LEFT/RIGHT to move the character.
W or ARROW UP or SPACEBAR to jump.
Z or K to do a melee attack.
X or L to shoot.
P to pause the game
Q to change graphic quality
M to mute/unmute sound & music

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