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Poster: freeworldgroup  (uploads)    Uploaded: Sat May 19, 2012 at 6:20pm    Plays: 39279    Size: 1227.3 kb
Description Objective: Your objective in this game is to conquer the galaxy and to defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. To achieve this goal you need planets, solar systems, life forms, and other resources to man your ships.

In each level you need to build a fleet of starships and develop a strong resource base-- to succeed, you need to destroy the enemy mothership. Once you have destroyed your rival, you can move on to the next solar system and continue your conquest for the galaxy.

   Instructions Controls
Mouse click or click and drag to select unit(s) and then click where you want them to go.

Click a unit a second time to unselect it.

Arrow keys to scroll around solar system or simply click on a location in the small map to go there.

Click on a conquered planet to upgrade it's resource production levels.

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