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Poster: freeworldgroup  (uploads)    Uploaded: Tue September 6, 2011 at 3:06pm    Plays: 24735    Size: 4567.2 kb
Description Objective: Sequel to our popular game, Genghis Khan. Conquer the ancient world in this real time strategy warfare game.

Strategy and Hints
1. Observe how your enemy is staging his units. Stage your units to counter the enemy's attack.
2. Consider your terrain type, units strengths and weaknesses and finally how aggressive your attack will be.
3. If you are not careful, losing one battle could end your entire campaign. Retreat if the battle is going badly.
4. You can heal units during a battle, but it will cost you gold! Use your resources wisely.

   Instructions Controls
Use mouse and keyboard to control interface and units.

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