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Poster: Montycarlo  (uploads)    Uploaded: Thu January 29, 2009 at 12:28am    Plays: 24625    Size: 8464.5 kb
Description Objective: The most extensive Maplestory flash game ever to hit the internet! Complete with online high scores, multiple maps, quests, monsters, items, customizable characters...

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The game is vast. There are many things to do. The most common is to complete all the quests that are available to you. Once you complete a quest, you will recieve a reward, that reward could be some levels and/or some items, it depends on the difficulty of the quest. Each time you level up you gain access to more quests, which in turn is more rewards. You can customize your character in the first quest, it allows you to select your character's hair and eyes, then there is further customization as you can take off and switch clothing, as long as you have it. Each piece of clothing or "equipment" will appear in your inventory once you have obtained it. After you have completed all the quests in the game, you may wish to cease playing it; that is fine, however some people will continue to kill monsters in order to gain experience points to level up, boosting their rank on the high score board.

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