About Arcade Upload

Arcade Upload has been built to allow flash and shockwave creators, arcade owners, and anybody else to upload flash and shockwave content. Not only is Arcade Upload about sharing arcade media with others, but also giving you something in return.

The sponsored links that appear above arcade media is a large part of helping Arcade Upload grow. We know many will upload arcade content simply for the purpose of having a life time text link on the arcade media they upload. We understood this from the beginning and have created Arcade Upload to harness the power of people wanting to advertise their own sites. At the same time also helping Arcade Upload grow, which in turn means that sponsored links are viewed more. It's a continuous circle, the more people that upload arcade content, the more popular Arcade Upload becomes, the more popular Arcade Upload becomes, the more your uploads and text links are viewed, the more users will want to upload and add their own text links.

When duplicate uploads are found, the media not uploaded first is removed. For this reason, registering and uploading sooner will always mean your uploads and text links are viewed more and also less likely to be removed because of duplication.

The key is uploading addictive, and fun content so visitors keep coming back to view and play your arcade media. The more your uploads are played, the more your text link is viewed. As Arcade Upload grows and begins receiving hundreds of thousands of views a day, those that will benifit most from Arcade Upload are users that register and begin uploading early and upload great arcade content that keeps users coming back again, and again.

Help Arcade Upload help you by registering and uploading today!

Pre-Registration FAQ

What does Arcade Upload allow me to do exactly?
Arcade Upload allows registered users to upload flash and shockwave content to our site for other visitors. We allow for media uploaders to mark their uplaods with their own lifetime sponsor link that sits right above the uploaded content and can link to your own site providing the link adheres to our sponsor link rules.

Why should I register?
Registering will allow you to not only begin uploading arcade content, but also mark favorites, report media, rate arcade content, receive updates on your arcade uploads, subscribe to arcade categories to receive emails when new arcade media is added, and become the media sponsor for all your arcade uploads.

Can I only upload media that I've created myself?
No. You do not have to be the owner of the media you upload. Unlike other sites Arcade Upload allows you to upload any arcade media. Whether you created it, arcade media that you've sponsored with your website logo, or just some cool arcade game that you saw on another arcade site and want to share with others here at Arcade Upload. It's all fair game.

Why should I upload when I can just view other peoples uploads?
One of the most popular reasons to upload is our lifetime sponsor link that appears above the media you upload. Everytime you make an upload, you have the oppertunity to add your link above your upload. So the more popular content you upload, the more your link will be seen by Arcade Upload visitors. Other reasons include promoting your own work and being part of a fast growing arcade community.

Uploading / Post-Registration FAQ

What type of rules do my uploads have to follow?

1. Adult content is not permited. Please keep your uploaded media from exceeding a PG-13 content level. We want Arcade Upload to be as family friendly as possible.

2. Keep the title of your uploads similar to what the creator has labeled them. This helps to reduce duplicate content and increase search results on the exact title.

3. To ensure that your arcade uploads aren't duplicates of media already added, please Search Arcade Upload before you upload.

4. After you upload, please test your upload. Some flash and shockwave developers do not allow their content to be run on other sites besides their own.

What type of media can I upload?
Arcade Upload allows for only two types of media to be uploaded. Flash and shockwave are the only media types currently allowed. Flash media has the extension of .swf and Shockwave has the extension of .dcr, but sometimes can have the extension of .dir. All other types of media are prevented from being uploaded.

How do I find popular arcade media to upload?
One of the easiest ways to find popular arcade media is to search the Internet for arcades, find a large arcade and find where they list their most popular games or their most played games in their arcade. Make sure that the arcade media isn't exclusive to that site. Exclusives most likely won't work on Arcade Upload. These other arcades have done the work for you and have lists and links that display the most popular. Most games that are popular on another arcade site, are popular for good reason and people keep coming back for that arcade media.

How do I know if the media I upload will work on Arcade Upload?
One of the easiest ways is to download the arcade media to your computer and test it on your computer in your web browser. This doesn't mean that it will work indefinitely on Arcade Upload. One of the best ways is to simply upload it to Arcade Upload and test it. After you upload, we give the uploader the option to delete their uploads incase they find out that they don't work. Not only is testing it on arcade upload still fairly easy, but it is almost a sure way since it's using the same environment that it will be viewed in by other visitors.

How do I add media?
After registering the front page of Arcade Upload will have a red "Upload Media" in the top right menu. This link will load up a page that will step you through the upload process. To make it even easier, on almost every option we've provided a "?" linking to a popup that helps describe the option to you. You can have arcade content uploaded to the site in only a few minutes and even faster once you become more familar with how it all works.

How big can my uploads be?
Arcade Upload allows uploads up to 15 megabytes. This is a huge amount! Flash content and Shockwave content will easily be under this limit. You will likely never find any media that exceeds this size.

How much media can I upload?
One of the great features of Arcade Upload is it's unlimited storage space. We don't want uploaders to feel constricted by the amount of space left on their account. You have complete freedom to upload as much as you want.

How many uploads can I make at a time?
There are three different ways you can upload content to Arcade Upload.

Upload Method 1: The regular method of uploading content to Arcade Upload is the ten upload fields on the upload page. Each of these fields is when you are uploading .swf, .dcr, and .dir files from your computer. This will allow you to upload up to ten files at a time. The other methods are listed below under "How can I upload media faster?"

How can I upload media faster?
Upload Method 2: You can upload a large amount of arcade content all in one load by using another feature we provide. Zip files are a much more effect way of getting your media onto the Arcade Upload server, and for this reason, we also allow for zip files to be uploaded. You simply take the arcade content from your computer and zip it up into one zip file that is no larger than 15 megabytes and put the path to the zip file in one of the ten upload fields. When uploading zip files only one upload field can be used. After the zip file is uploaded, our system will automatically decompress the zip file and put all the arcade media into your temporary Arcade Upload folder where all your unpublished content goes before you've published it.

Upload Method 3: Arcade Upload also allows you to rip content straight from other arcade sites without ever even having the content on your computer. This is more risky as you cannot test the media before uploading it, but if you've seen the media on multiple arcades, then it's a fair bet that the media is fine for uploading. Our Media Ripper only needs the path straight to the Flash or Shockwave file on another server. Then Arcade Upload will attempt to rip it from their server and add it to your temporary Arcade Upload folder. This is extremely useful for those users still on dialup or for those larger Flash and Shockwave games.

Why was my upload removed?

Arcade media can be removed for many reasons. Some include:

- Content was already on Arcade Upload and your upload was a duplicate
- Arcade upload was partially uploaded
- Broken arcade uploads (Unfunctional)
- Extremely poor quality (incomplete media, functional, but very poor content)
- Arcade upload did not conform to our published site contribution and usage guidelines such as offensive or adult arcade media

Sponsor Links

How do I become the sponsor of an upload?
You become the sponsor of the uploads you make at Arcade Upload. When adding content to Arcade Upload you are presented with text fields that you are allowed to insert the text and URL of your website. Once the media is published, your link automatically appears above the content you uploaded. (Adult sites are not permitted as sponsors.)

How long will my sponsor link show for?
Sponsor links are lifetime links. They will stay there for as long as Arcade Upload is around and as long as your media isn't removed. To ensure your upload isn't removed, view the FAQ called "Why was my upload removed".

Enhancing Your Stay

How do I receive updates to uploads?
On your own uploads at the time of uploading you are presented with a checkbox that reads "Want to be notified by email when users post replies?". Simply check the box and you will be updated by email.

If the upload isn't yours, after registering you will have a link under every arcade upload that reads "Receive Email Updates". Simply click the link and you will begin receiving email updates. To unsubscribe from that same media, click the link in the same space which will now read "Disable Email Updates"

How do I receive updates to entire categories?
After registering, at the bottom left corner of every category on Arcade Upload you will see a "Subscribe to This Category" link. Simply clicking this will notify you whenever new content is added to that section of Arcade Upload. To unsubscribe, in the same place a link will read "Unsubscribe to This Category".

Does Arcade Upload have an RSS feed?
The Arcade Upload RSS Feed page has what you are looking for. While the RSS feed page contains a manual creation section if you want to create your own specific RSS feed, you can also grab an RSS feed for each Arcade Upload category at the bottom of that categories main page.

Help Organize Arcade Upload

I found an upload that doesn't work, how do I report it?
After registering, each upload will contain management links above the uploads details. Clicking the "Report This Upload" link will take you to a text field that you can fill in and send a message to the Arcade Upload Administrators.

I found a duplicate upload on Arcade Upload, what do I do?
After registering, each upload will contain management links above the uploads details. Clicking the "Report This Upload" link will take you to a text field that you can fill in and send a message to the Arcade Upload Administrators. When reporting duplicate content, please make sure you copy and paste links to both uploads that are duplicates of each other so we can remove the older upload.

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